Our Professional Services:

 Our professional services will be specialized based on the needs of your organization. We want to make sure you have a passion for uplifting and stabilizing communities. RD Innovative Planning is passionate about communities and ensuring they have the resources and services they need. We want our stakeholders to have the same level of passion and willingness to act. Our services include: Strategic Planning, Connecting the Dots, Real Action Practices and Developing Community Entrepreneurs.

Strategic Planning:

  • Strategic Planning is putting your ideas into a plan and identifying ways to execute the plan within your organization over a specific timeline. RD Innovative Planning will walk your organization through this practice to ensure the population you are serving is at the Core of the Plan. The organization must bring some of their clients/customers/community members into the process. Depending on your style, we can conduct this process in multiple sessions or one full day.

Connecting the Dots:

  • Once your organization has created a Strategic Plan or ready to act upon the Plan, the next step is to Connect the Dots. Who needs to be at the table in order for the Plan to flourish? Your community will be extremely important to your implementation practices. They will help you sustain the project, program, event, etc. Many organizations fear collaborating with other organizations due to losing their identity; RD Innovative Planning will ease your fear by assisting you with developing relationships and systems to keep the identity of your organizations, giving you multiple ways to serve your population effectively. Our company will help identify coalitions/networks/councils to connect with your organization and help you see where you could utilize one another, ultimately building strategic partnerships. Organizations often miss this step in creating their programs, but it is crucial to your organization’s short-term and long-term success.

Real Action Practices:

  • Now that we have a Strategic Plan and Connected the Dots, we can move into implementing the plan accordingly. Executing the Plan is key to the success of any organization or business. This is where the fun begins. As funding becomes more demanding and not enough supplies are being provided, organizations and businesses have to be smarter with their services and resources. Through our services, your organization or business will gain skills in collecting data, sustaining efforts, and retaining your clients/customers/residents. As a result of working with us, your visibility and utilization will increase. Our company will assist you with making this transition.

Start-Up Business Advisor includes:

  • Assist with logistics such as applying for business license, identifying location for business if needed, leveraging relationships and potential partners/clients

  • Assist with business plan development

  • On-going communication and meetings with business owner/s

  • Community Outreach/Public Relations Support

RD Innovative Planning Pricing:

Initial Consultation is Free; Second Consultation is a Flat Fee of $50. After second consultation, prices will vary based on the professional services and timeline needed

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